Undoubtedly, many Western thinkers and Muslim scholars sought to study the biography of the noble Prophet (PBUH). Yet, many of them treated his biography and Sunnah as spiritual sermons and religious guidance texts unrelated to modern human issues of urbanization, science, civilization, or reform for mankind. However, the Prophet (PBUH) was attentive to basic social, political, religious, and historical issues of humanity. Therefore, a deep knowledge of the jurisprudence in the Prophet's biography (PBUH) as well as deep cognizance of modern life and its challenges is needed to give justice to this topic. This study attempts to move the discourse about the Prophet's biography (PBUH) away from defensiveness and rebuttals, towards a presentation of the Prophetic strategies
and applied principles in dealing with all issues of humanity whether past, present, or future. The cognitive frame of what the Prophet's biography has offered to humanity, and what it can offer today, is absent from many previous studies. Thus, this study seeks to set a paradigm that links the Prophet's (PBUH) methodology of effecting change and reform, through his biography, to the problems of the world of today. This is done through a study of the jurisprudence in the Prophet's biography and its as a way of life.

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